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 We're a group of medical students from Imperial College London

who run intensive courses on the medicine application process and entrance exams

Original OMS Seminar

Our Original OMS Seminar comprehensively prepares you for the UCAT and BMAT exams;

Thoroughly guides you on your Personal Statement and UCAS;

Extensively trains you for all types of medical school interviews!



Strategies and techniques for every possible type of question, along with Section 2 science, will be taught thoroughly.

A booklet full of tips & advice, and hundreds of practice questions covering all 3 sections of the BMAT will also be provided.



Every common type of question in the five subtests will be covered, and definitive methods, strategies, and techniques will be taught.

Free online UCAT guide also coming soon, along with tons of free practice questions.

 We're a small group of medical students from Imperial College London who teach intensive courses on the medicine application process, the BMAT, and the UCAT.

All our courses are designed and taught by some of the highest scoring medical students in the country, who, not too long ago, were in the same position of applying to medicine, and we work really hard to make sure that our courses are financially accessible to anyone dedicated to studying medicine.

Therefore, we're very proud to say that we're one of the most affordable courses on the market.

In fact, we haven't come across anyone who can compete with us!

So enjoy browsing our website; we're positive that you'll find our courses enjoyable and worthwhile. 

We'd love to tell you more about our endeavours!  –  More about us... 

Upcoming Courses

Original OMS Seminar
Coming Soon!
Imperial College London
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Introduction - Admissions, UCAS, medical schools, and the medical degree will be discussed.

UCAT - Fundamental techniques and strategies to approaching the various subtests in the UCAT will be provided in extensive detail. Methods for all the common question types will also be taught.


Personal Statement - Detailed guidance on the structuring, wording, content, and other aspects of the personal statement will be given.

BMAT - Vital techniques and strategies for every type of question in the BMAT, along with the key physics required in section 2, will be taught. 

Interview - Preparing for and undergoing an interview at any UK medical school will be discussed, along with ethics, healthcare news, and logical reasoning. Resources will be provided.

BMAT Course
Coming Soon!
Imperial College London
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Introduction - Registration, exam format, scoring, and results will be discussed.

Section 1 - Techniques and strategies for every type of Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Analysing Data question will be taught and practiced, with a specific focus on the difficult questions.

Section 2 - Everything in BMAT physics will be taught, along with the difficult aspects of biology, chemistry, and maths that tend to come up.

Section 3 - Preparing and structuring a Section 3 essay which guarantees all requirements are met, will be taught. This will be done through specific guidance and in-class practice of an actual essay.

A book containing hundreds of our own carefully prepared BMAT questions, solutions, methods, and guidance will be provided to every student.

More events coming soon...

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